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Welcome to S*Biscaya BigPawz Cattory

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Presentation of S*Bisacaya BigPaws


My name is Hélène Holm and I´m a Maine Coon breeder and run a small cattery named S*Biscaya BigPaws.


I live in Uppsala, north of Stockholm, Sweden and close to Arlanda Airport. My main interests are Main Coon cats and textilecraft.


I`m a member of FIFE/Sverak, Uppsala cat club and the Swedish cat club Maine Coon-katten where I´m also a member of the board .


My first MCO-cat moved into my house in February 2006 and she was the foundation of my cattery. Her name was S*Dream Sky Biscaya, but I called her Star. She was black tabby n22. She sadly passed away in March 2014.


From her first litter I kept her daughter S*Christmas Song, which I called just Song and from Stars third litter I kept her daughter Ex Animo.


For the moment I have 3 Maine coon cats.


My girls are:


S*Biscaya BigPaws Christmas Song. Now neutered and a mother of two boys.


S*Biscaya BigPaws Ex Animo. One litter yet but I do have some plans for the future.


And then there is Maine Tipey Emer, imported from Ireland last September 2014 and she is third generation of foundation lines.


Their pedigrees on Pawpeds can be found on their own pages.


My cat’s health are very important to me and I´m following the health program set up by Pawpeds:


I always test my cats before they even have their first litter for HCM and HD.


Regarding the HCM test I do use both ultra-scanning and DNA test. Other test will be done if necessary.


My kittens are sold when they are at the minimum of 12 weeks of age and with all the shots done x2, as for cat flue, cat pest and herpes. They all also get an ID-chip. And of course a veterinary certificate that is not older than 7days. If needed I also provide with that the kittens have rabies shots, passports and other needed medical treatment when exported from Sweden.


Kittens for breeding will only be sold to breeders with catteries registries in FIFE, CFA, CFF, TICA etc.



Nearest future plans


Ex Animo are now mating S*BigBreeze Izor 19/8-16





I don´t have any kittens at the moment



For more information please don´t hesitate to contact me by email: helene.holm@live,se or


You can also find me on Facebook: Hélène Holm





Emers front paw